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The Maxwell DISC​​ Method

Get along with anyone

Everyone you encounter is motivated differently, communicates differently, and views tasks and relationships differently. The Maxwell DISC profile will help you achieve greater success when you learn to value our strengths as well as those of others.

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Through the Maxwell DISC, you will explore ways to:

  • Apply the Law of Awareness to recognize your strengths and limitations.

  • Overcome your shortcomings and clear the path for personal and professional growth.

  • Understand how others are different and how to work with each personality.

  • Build a stronger team that  communicates, appreciates the style of others and works well together.

  • Learn effective strategies for handling conflict and personality clashes.

  • Develop yourself and other to be their best.

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Focused DISC Reports:

As a Maxwell Leadership Certified DISC Consultant, we are able to provide you with different types of DISC reports.  Please contact us for more information about this service. 

Maxwell DISC Personality Indicator Report

This report will provide you with powerful insight into
several important areas in which your natural style presents itself in your personal and professional life.

Sales Leader Profile

This report is recommended for anyone who is responsible to lead, manage and motivate sales reps. In addition to all of the information contained in the Maxwell DISC Sales Profile Report, Sales Mangers will be provided with the Maxwell DISC Sales Leader Profile which provides insight to motivate and maximize each sales professional based on their unique selling style. They will learn the techniques and approaches, such as goal setting, motivation and communication, to connect to the unique style of each member of their team so they can lead them to higher results. 

Entrepreneur Report 

This report is for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them with insight into their best environment, communication style, strengths, work style, and their selling strengths and challenges. It is powerful information for every entrepreneur!

Student/Career Report

This report for students ages 15 and up as well as those in the midst of career transition with a well-rounded view of their communication style, how their ideals show up in the work they do, their cognitive thinking and learning styles, their strengths as shown in our Power DISC the way they most influence results and there are several examples of career’s that would make great use of their strengths.

Sales Profile

Each participant will learn their unique selling style, their strengths and how to maximize them, their challenges and how to overcome them, the keys to recognizing their prospect’s buying style and the five-point strategy to improving sales with each of the four primary buying styles. 

Benchmark and Interview Report

These reports are utilized to create a benchmark for a staff role and for candidates to take. This report consists of 4 reports mapping a candidates DISC style, Work Value, Team Style and Behavioral Attitude Index. For the interviewer this report provides customized interview questions based on how close the candidate is to the established benchmark for the role. 

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